Axis Communications adds PTZ auto-tracking to AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics

AXIS Perimeter Defender, the intrusion detection analytics platform from Axis Communications, now supports a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) auto-tracking application.

This means that a fixed camera and a PTZ camera can work in concert to enhance perimeter protection.

A fixed thermal or visual camera running AXIS Perimeter Defender can automatically detect people and vehicles. With the new app, when an alarm is triggered, the platform can then take control of a PTZ camera to track and zoom in on objects of interest or concern.

The fixed camera sends location data of alarm objects to the PTZ camera, which redirects its gaze and optimises its zoom accordingly.

The fixed camera offers a broader view of the scene, while the PTZ camera offers closer, more detailed views of specific elements of interest.

An operator can override automatic tracking and take manual control of the PTZ at any point.


  • Offer detailed view of alarm objects without surrendering wide view of entire area
  • Automatic control of PTZ camera
  • PTZ camera automatically keeps all alarm objects in view
  • Single management program for setting up analytics in a fixed camera and the PTZ auto-tracking application in a PTZ camera

Compatibility and availability

Compatible with specific Axis PTZ cameras and allows one fixed camera to be paired with one PTZ camera. A separate licence from AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics is required. The PTZ autotracking application is available in Europe and Israel initially, with other regions being added later.

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