Belden opens ‘Fiber Optic Assembly Center of Excellence’ in Montreal

Belden announced that, going forward, the company “is transforming customer experiences with fiber-optic assemblies” at its newly opened Center of Excellence in Montréal. At this facility, per the company, “a breakthrough, five-step method has been designed to develop the ideal fiber solution for each customer’s unique environment.”

Per a Belden press release, “As technology evolves and increases in complexity, network managers and ICT professionals struggle to find off-the-shelf fiber solutions that meet their needs. Often, a custom assembly is required to address the unique pain points of each customer. In the Montréal Center of Excellence, customers create custom fiber solutions using Belden’s one-of-a-kind, five-step process:

  1. Customer Introduction: The customer joins Belden engineers and production specialists in Montréal to learn more about their systems and environment, as well as how a high-quality, reliable fiber system will support their specific business objectives.
  2. Design Concept: Together with the customer, Belden creates a CAD drawing and/or 3D design concept that is used to represent what the custom fiber-assembly solution will look like – and how it will function.
  3. Visualize and Sample: Belden explains potential opportunities, product options and techniques that the customer may leverage for maximum success.
  4. Prototyping: Prototypes are immediately checked before production to reduce costs, accelerate the R&D process and allow for easy adjustments. Belden replicates the customer’s specific environment in-house – recreating everything from switches to cable management – allowing the custom assembly to be tested for quality and reliability.
  5. Validation and Production: After the customer approves the prototype, Belden creates the custom fiber assemblies at its manufacturing centers across North America.


Time spent in Belden’s Center of Excellence will save customers time and money by confirming that their custom fiber assemblies will work as designed before they move into production.


To learn more about Belden’s Montréal Center of Excellence, watch this short video at



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