3 Basic Things Every Fresh Engineer Should Know

One of the major challenges for fresh engineers willing to work in the Low Current / ICT / ELV domain is the lack of neutral educational material that prepares them into the field. When I say neutral, I mean material not related to vendors’ specific features. This is the main […]

What is the relationship between the ICT and LowCurrent / ELV fields?

Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) is a term commonly used to refer to electronic devices that process, exchange, spread, and store information. These devices use computer-based technologies and normally communicate over a network (local or the Internet). Since its appearance in the 1980s, the term has undergone continuous evolution especially […]

What are Low Current / ELV systems?

Most new constructions are specifying systems that provide connectivity, security, safety, and automation to buildings. These systems are sometimes referred to as low current systems and extra low voltage (ELV) systems. Is there any difference between the two terminologies? And what do they exactly refer to? Low current and ELV […]