Deep Learning Startup Vintra Launches AI Video Analytics Solution

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Vintra, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to augment established surveillance systems, launches FulcrumAI, an AI-powered video analytics solution said to be capable of continued evolution and improvement over time that works on video data from any source.

Vintra says FulcrumAI can be used as a tool to more accurately monitor live video feeds and produce actionable alerts, and as a tool to analyze footage in post-event investigative scenarios.

The system can be deployed in two ways to provide different benefits depending on the needs of the installation environment:

  • “On-premises” at an organization’s location, to augment human resources by transforming  live video feeds into preventative alerts, timely situational awareness and instantly searchable video forensic data.
  • In the Cloud, as a post-event investigation solution that enables fast, accurate and advanced video forensics at industry leading speeds, according to the company.

“Every year, billions of dollars in time and resources are spent on security personnel to monitor live streams as well as post-event investigations by law enforcement and analysts. Vintra exists because we knew we could use computer vision and deep learning to build a new way forward for video analytics that took mobility and customization into account,” says Brent Boekestein, CEO of Vintra. “One of the most important parts about building AI solutions is ensuring that customers, the public, and communities can trust the solutions being deployed. To that end, Vintra makes it easy for customers to test its solutions and review performance data on publicly available datasets.”

Founded in 2016 by Boekestein and computer vision experts, Dr. Ariel Amato and Dr. Angel Sappa, Vintra has raised $4.8 million to date with the backing of investors such as Bonfire Ventures, Vertex Ventures and London Venture Partners.

Vintra’s platform utilizes a deep learning system built by the company’s experts who designed their own algorithms from the ground up, and GPU-optimized their models to take advantage of the latest hardware and acceleration techniques.

These models can be deployed now to augment the majority of safety and security scenarios, with future plans to empower customers to create their own analytics in order to be responsive to the specific needs of each installation environment, according to the company.

FulcrumAI is sold as a subscription, with a per camera,  per month price. Since Vintra doesn’t produce its own hardware, the customer can buy their own, while the integrator receives the RMR.

“What we’ve brought is recurring revenue to the on-prem environment and we use deep learning to unlock that … we have a super rich roadmap and that justifies the ongoing subscription,” says Boekestein.

The company is looking to work with the best of the best from an integrator standpoint.

“We’re very interested in hearing from from the top 1% of forward thinking, super technical, highly capable integrators,” Boekestein says.

Learn more about Vintra here.

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