ESX’s 4 Education Tracks Fast Track Dealers’ Business

INDIANAPOLIS – For security alarm dealers and monitoring professionals there simply is no better educational opportunity on the annual calendar than the Electronic Security Expo (ESX), this year held for the first time in the shadow of the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, June 3-6.

Jointly owned by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and The Monitoring Association (TMA), ESX’s educational program focused on delivering best practices and new concepts to help run, grow and maximize dealers’ businesses.

Four tracks were offered: Grow Your Business, Maximize Your Monitoring Center, Run Your Company and Rethink the Future.

While the first three tracks offered solid peer-to-peer advice and feedback on a multitude of aspects surrounding running a successful installation and/or monitoring operation, it was the latter category that really stimulated deep thought, discussion and debate.

That was particularly the case for a combined “Counterpoint” session of “Is Good Enough the New Perfection for Protection?” and “The Age of IoT — A Security Armageddon That Creates a Greater Risk Than Burglars?”

The latter topic served as a continuation of the OpenXchange Breakfast session focused on disruptive technologies with Sunflower Labs Founder Alex Pachikox and Union Labs Founder Nate Williams, the first of four keynote-style presentations.

The others were a luncheon featuring former award-winning journalist and viral speaker Dr. Rick Rigsby; a general session with leadership speaker and author Kevin Brown taking center stage; and a closing gathering panel consisting of Mindy Pretzman of the U.S. Secret Service, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Director of Safety & Security Ed Fries and La Grange, Ga., Chief of Police Lou Dekmar.

For more info and images, check out the slideshow.

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