How Stanley Security Won the 2019 SAMMY Award for Best Display Advertisement

In the past year, Stanley Security launched its new intelligent service assurance solution, IntelAssure, a software component for video and physical security systems to assist areas such as downtime, missing video evidence, cyber hygiene and audit compliance.

Of course, with the rollout of a new service comes perhaps the tougher part of promoting it.

As Stanley Security’s marketing team began to conceptualize the digital advertising pieces around IntelAssure, the aim was to ensure the overall focus of the solution was shown in a graphic that could be easily understood by the user, according to Arika Mullis, marketing specialist for the Fishers, Ind.-based security provider.

In several iterations of the display, a security guard is communicating about what he sees on the displays showing surveillance feeds — or should be showing feeds.

“By utilizing a background image of a guard man with ‘missing video’ on the video surveillance screen, it captured the attention of the user, and portrayed a relevant, similar situation that many businesses and facilities deal with on a daily basis,” Mullis says.

The text is equally straightforward, concise and clean, she notes. When creating the ads, which vary in rectangular size and orientation, Stanley Security made sure to maintain its brand standards and black-and-yellow color scheme, Mullis says.

“We kept our digital advertisements aligned with the strong brand recognition of Stanley Security, even if our logo is not immediately noticed by the audience.”

Each ad contains a different banner that showcases a separate pain point that can be remedied with IntelAssure. By employing easy-to-read, as well as easy-to understand verbiage, like “Solve the problem of missing video evidence” and “Detect your security system vulnerabilities in real time,” it grabs the reader’s attention and draws them in, Mullis says.

Effective wording helped garner more clicks to “request a demo” or “request more information” as indicated. Further bolstering the campaign, Stanley Security added a version with a free downloadable “12-Point Checklist for Securing Your Video Network” white-paper. That call-to-action produced 607% increase in new lead generation compared with the average display ad, Mullis notes.

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