How the ‘Crazy Simple’ Arcules Cloud Solution Could Benefit Integrators

Cloud, video analytics, AI — these are all buzzwords that are commonly thrown around in the security industry. But how can they actually be utilized by security integrators?

Arcules is a young company that was spun out of Milestone Systems and Canon in 2017 — then consisting of only five people. The staff grew to almost 70 and launched its first product within a year.

The Arcules integrated video Cloud solution aggregates and analyzes video surveillance and IoT sensor data, identifies trends in that data and applies predictive analytics to help businesses optimize operations and improve safety.

I was able to speak with Arcules CEO Andreas Pettersson at MIPS 2019, who explained the many benefits his company’s solution offers integrators.

The Arcules Cloud solution requires little training and features an out-of-box experience that can be set up in under five minutes.

“There isn’t much training on our product… You can unbox it, connect all the cables and be up and running in three to five minutes,” says Pettersson. “Basically, within that time, you have connected it, started it up, it has updated itself, you’ve found all the cameras on the network and configured everything through the Cloud.”

It’s no secret that the security industry is facing a crisis when it comes to training and retaining techs. Arcules hopes that by limiting the amount of training required, it will be able to hold on to staff.

“Often when we have trained them, they go and work for a manufacturer. So what we are trying to do is basically remove the need for training. The product is crazy simple, anyone can deploy it,” says Pettersson.

Pettersson says a lot of intergrators ship out the boxes and subcontract someone to connect it while they are installing the cameras and sit remotely to configure everything.

Arcules is currently looking for integrators to partner with in order to meet demand from mid-to-enterprise customers. It is currently targeting the lower/mid market but wants to eventually become more enterprise and IoT focused.

Pettersson says he has heard that integrators are losing margins on installations. Arcules aims to change that.

“When we designed the product, the whole mindset was they should be spending less time if they pick our product, thereby the margin goes up again. That’s what we’ve been fighting for since day one when we started building the product,” he says. ”

The company looks to eventually do the same for access control. Pettersson says Arcules will be releasing a Cloud-based access control solution that integrates with its video solution in Q2. He couldn’t share many details about it, but hopes to show at least a beta version at ISC West 2019. Learn more about Arcules here.

Check out the video below for a recap of MIPS 2019.

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