NFPA Requirements for Fire Alarm System Submittal

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In the last revision, NFPA72 dedicated a full chapter on Documentation. In this chapter, the code emphasized the need for a complete set of documents to secure a successful submittal. Below is a summary of the documents needed:

  1. Written Narrative: The narrative should explain the intent of the system and provide a description of the proposed use.
  2. Riser Diagram: The riser diagram shows the vertical connection of the devices across all floors. Don’t forget to include the conductors type and size.
  3. Floor Plan: The floor plan layout indicates the rooms present in the building. It should also show the location of all devices and control equipment. Include the height of the devices from ground and the candela ratings for visible notification appliances.
  4. Sequence of operation: The sequence of operation describes the system inputs and the corresponding output responses. It can be presented in either matrix or narrative format.
  5. Equipment technical data sheets: Include the manufacturer’s data sheets for every device included in the fire alarm system. The datasheets should clearly show the model number with the devices as well as the technical specifications.
  6. Manufacturers published instructions: The submittal should also include the operations and maintenance manuals.
  7. Battery calculations: A spreadsheet provided by the manufacturer of the fire alarm system to validate the sizing done for batteries.
  8. Voltage drop calculations: Include a calculation sheet that indicates the voltage drop for the notification alarm circuits (NACs).
  9. Completed record of inspection and testing: You can find the form in the link below:
  10. Completed record of completion: You can find the form in the link below:
  11. A copy of site specific software: If a software is used, include a copy on a CD in the submittal.
  12. Record (as‐built) drawings: The drawings should include all installations and connections made.

Put the aforementioned documents in a safe cabinet and label it “System Record Documents”. Install it near the system control unit if possible, if not, the exact location should be specified to the user. Only authorized personnel should have access to this cabinet.

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