Top 3 Manufacturers of Parking Guidance Systems

The market of Parking Systems is estimated to be worth USD 5.15 Billion by 2023. The market is driven by the international focus on reducing fuel consumption and adoption of new technologies to enhance transportation. In this article, we shed light on 3 main players in this field. Our selection was based on 3 criteria: quality of the system, sales and revenue, and market acceptance.


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INDECT is manufactures a full Parking Guidance System solution including the sensors, control components, signs, and software. As an Austrian company, Indect is considered one of the top players in this field. Indect offices can be found all around the world covering markets in the US, Europe, MENA, Australia, and Asia regions. They provide both camera-based and sensor-based parking guidance solutions.

2. ParkAssist

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Park Assist leads the camera-based parking guidance markets including shopping and retail centers, mixed use facilities, airports, hospitals, casino and gaming facilities, colleges, universities, and corporate campuses. Based in the US, ParkAssist provides indoor and outdoor systems and a developed software with rich features.

3. ParkHelp

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ParkHelp is a Spanish company established in Barcelona. They develop parking solutions as their core business with products ranging from sensors, controllers, signs, and software. After acquiring a local company, ParkHelp recently added the camera-based parking solutions to its portfolio. ParkHelp products have a reputation for having good quality and being cost efficient at the same time.

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