Top 4 manufacturers of video surveillance systems

The video surveillance market is estimated to be around $37 billion, and is growing at an impressive yearly growth rate of %13.1. The market is witnessing regular technological advancements, lately integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with video surveillance applications. The competition is fierce between different manufacturers to get the biggest share in this market, and it is not easy to decide who is the top ranking of all competitors. 

In this article, we have based our selection of the top 4 manufacturers on 3 criteria: sales and revenue, growth levels, and market acceptance. The list of the top 4 manufacturers listed in alphabetical order is:

1. Axis Communications

Axis Logo

Axis communications is a Swedish company who claims to have invented the first network camera back in 1996. They are well known for their heavy investment in Research and Development that is reflected in the high quality of their products. Axis’ revenue from selling video surveillance systems in 2017 reached 950 million USD. They founded, along with Bosch and Sony, the ONVIF organization. In 2015, Canon group bought most of Axis’ shares. Axis’ products are well-known for their high quality and high prices as well.

2. Avigilon

Avigilon Logo

Avigilon is a Canadian company with a wide range of products covering video surveillance and access control systems. In 2017, they made around $408 million USD in sales revenue. They are well known for their robust video management software (VMS) which integrates both video surveillance and access control systems. They were bought by Motorola Solutions in 2018 for approximately $1.0 billion USD. Avigilon is known for their wide range of high-end products and competitive prices.

3. Bosch Security and Safety Systems

Bosch -Logo

Bosch is a German company who is well-known for their high-end and robust products. Their advertised sales for security systems in 2017 reached 1.9 billion USD. In 2016, they partnered with Sony systems, one of the biggest lens manufacturers in the world. Bosch cameras are very reliable, and the company provides a full-feature video surveillance solution.

4. Hikvision

Hikvision Logo

Hikvision is a Chinese company with the majority of shares owned by the Chines government. It is considered the biggest video surveillance manufacturer in the world with a worldwide market share close to %20 and sales revenues of more than $6 billion USD in 2017. Hikvision invests heavily in R&D offering a wide range of products ranging from video surveillance and access control to videophone, robotics, and drones. They are well known for their cost efficient and wide range of products.

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