What are the main applications of an IP surveillance system?

applications of an IP surveillance system
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The IP technology has opened numerous opportunities for video surveillance applications. Though law enforcement is still the most prominent application for video surveillance, other applications like managing businesses, improving customer experience, and traffic management are becoming widespread.

Law Enforcement

Video surveillance is mainly used to enhance the security of premises in both the public and private sectors. It has become a requirement in critical public facilities like airports, seaports, government buildings, and military. It is also widely used to secure businesses, commercial facilities, and residential buildings. It is considered both a preventive and corrective security measure; since it deters criminal acts on one hand and helps in investigating criminal activities on the other.

Business Management

The improvements in IP video surveillance enabled business owners to gather business intelligence. Using the system, business owners can measure their employees’ efficiency and monitor their activities. This helps them develop better workflow processes especially in factories and big businesses. On the other hand, owners can also gather information about their products and customers (age, sex, preferences) necessary to improve their services and increase their profits.

Customer Experience

The ability of the IP video surveillance system to recognize faces and license plates and link them to a database has an immense effect on creating pleasant customer experiences. The moment a customer enters a shop, he/she is recognized by the surveillance system, and his/her face is linked to a database showing all the history of purchases. Another case occurs when a vehicle entering a parking lot is automatically recognized through its license plate and permitted access to the lot.

Traffic Management

Improvements in video surveillance systems have made it possible to detect cars’ speed, model, make, and license plate number. At the same time, intelligent analytics are now capable of detecting cars parking in prohibited places, entering secure facilities, or even moving in the wrong direction. All this is playing a very important role in automating traffic management and thus reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and enhancing accuracy.

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