What is a Parking Guidance System?

What is PGS
Image Source: https://www.gsautomatic.com/parking-guidance-system/best-parking-guidance-system.html

A Parking Guidance System (PGS) automates the car parking process by guiding cars to vacant parking spaces. It uses signs to indicate the level of occupancy, or available parking spaces, in all the levels of the parking. Depending on the technology used for the sensors, PGS systems can be either sensor-based or camera-based. Many benefits are available when installing a PGS system, mainly:

  • It increases the efficiency of the parking area by providing a better utilization return on investment for each parking spot;
  • It reduces air pollution by decreasing the time needed for cars to find a parking spot;
  • It facilitates the management of the parking area by providing a clear image of the available and occupied spaces.

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