Who are the 4 top manufacturers of Structured Cabling Systems?

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The structured cabling market comprises many players, each having a specific positioning. In this article we have chosen 5 manufacturers who have proven a strong presence in the structured cabling market, taking into consideration 3 criteria: revenue from sales, supply of the full range of structured cabling systems including copper and fiber systems, and market acceptance.

1. Legrand

Legrand is a French company that is originally known for manufacturing electrical wiring devices. It entered the structured cabling market after acquiring Ortronics in 1998, a leading US based manufacturer of structured cabling systems. Since then, Legrand has been providing a full line of products including patch panels, cabinets, connecting hardware, outlets and connectors. They are positioned as a medium level provider with good quality and cost effective products.

2. Belden

Belden is a US-based company with a well-known history of cables manufacturing. They are specialized in structured cabling systems, both coper and fiber, with products ranging from wires, cables, connectors, outlets, patch cords, patch panels, racks, and cabinets. They have also introduced new products in the industrial networking field comprising industrial switches, firewalls, and access points. 

3. Commscope

Systimax, part of Commscope – a multinational network infrastructure company, provides the full line of copper and fiber structured cabling solutions. Their products range from twisted pair cables, copper cords, outlets, and panels to fiber cables, fiber patch cords, and fiber shelves and panels. Systimax positions itself as a high-end brand with emphasis on quality and performance.

4. Leviton

Leviton is a US-based company that specializes in Network Solutions, Lighting Control, and Smart Homes. In Network Solutions, Leviton provides copper and fiber systems as well as AV systems. They manufacture cables, cable management solutions, connecting hardware, power distribution units, and wall-plates. Leviton is considered a high-end brand with a reputation of excellent quality products.

5. Panduit

Panduit is a privately-held US company that was founded in 1955. They invest heavily in Research and Development  with more than 2000 patents in their portfolio. They claim that %91 of Fortune 100 Companies are their customers. They have a wide range of products, both copper and fiber, including cabinets, thermal management, racks, enclosures, connecting hardware, wire routing and cable management. One of their main strength points is that they are technology partners with Cisco, one of the top networking equipment manufacturers.

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