Maryland officials consider installation limits for small cell wireless technology

As noted at the Baltimore Sun:

The Taneytown [MD] Mayor and City Council on Wednesday discussed an ordinance that would place limits on the implementation of small cell wireless apparatuses erected on public grounds in the city. Though no wireless provider has put up such a facility within city limits, it’s important the lawmakers enact this ordinance “primarily for the purposes of individual citizens,” Councilman Joe Vigliotti told the [Carroll County Times’ contact reporter Alex Mann.] “For the rights of their property. It really is a question of stability. On the one hand you’re protecting property rights, but on the other hand you’re making sure that anything that does go in does not interfere in such a way that does create problems for people.”

FCC tips in favor of service providers on small cell wireless projects


The report continues:


City Attorney Jay Gullo briefed elected officials about the ordinance at their monthly workshop meeting Wednesday, March 6 […] Other types of wireless infrastructure, such as cellular towers on private property or antennae attached to city water towers, are covered in the Taneytown’s zoning code, Gullo said — small cell wireless is different. “Small cell deployments are going to be made up of basically two components: an antenna and the box — the stuff that goes with it,” Gullo told the elected body. “The antenna goes on top of the pole, the box goes somewhere else.”

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