Numera Lifts Curtain on Libris 2 mPERS Device With 4G LTE Support

CARLSBAD, Calif. — Nortek Security & Control has released the Numera Libris 2, the next generation of the company’s mobile personal emergency response (mPERS), now with 4G/LTE support.

The fall detection solution can detect free-fall, plus three-dimensional space analysis, according to an announcement. Voice recognition capabilities enable far field recognition and a potential target range of 10-11 feet. The device also delivers crystal-clear communication, made possible by a new microphone and speaker. Other enhanced commands include LIBRIS Help, power off and volume controls.

Future updates will include WiFi location services, voice prompts, silent alarm mode and an ambient light sensor that will automatically change the brightness of the lights, according to the company.

The Libris 2 fall detection methods are based on multiple motion sensors and proprietary algorithms; the device is able to notify the monitoring center of a fall on its own, even if the individual is unable to activate the button themselves, according to the company.

Libris connects wirelessly with personal medical devices, collects and shares objective health measurement data, such as blood pressure and pulse oximetry, as well as activity data, location information, and fall events. Data is uploaded to the EverThere Cloud platform and is accessible via any device that has a browser and a connection to the Internet.

“We are excited that central stations such as VRI, Rapid Response Monitoring, Guardian Medical Monitoring, Security Central, American Two-Way and a number of others are onboard for monitoring Libris 2,” states John Carpenter, vice president of channel engagement, Numera. “Dealers can purchase Libris 2 at distributors such as ADI, Anixter, American Two-Way, Bursma, eDist, Mountain West, SS&SI, The Systems Depot, SES, Synnex and WAVE.”

The Numera 1.5 mPERS device with integrated EverThere Cloud service — the predecessor to the Libris 2 — was the first solution of its type to be auto-emergency aware with advanced fall-detection technology, according to the company.

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