Openpath Targets Tailgating With New Integrations

LOS ANGELES — Openpath, a leader in modern mobile access control, announces it is partnering with several companies to solve tailgating.

Tailgating occurs when a door is left open long enough for an unauthorized person to enter a property behind an authorized entrant.

Openpath’s access control solution lets anyone use their mobile phone to open an authorized door, without needing to pull their phone out or open an app, by just using the touch of a finger or wave of a hand in front of the reader.

For tailgating, the company has partnered with Density, an analytics provider and Camio, a video surveillance platform, to give administrators the ability to respond to threats in real-time and immediately locate the unauthorized person to take preventative action, according to the company.

Here’s how Openpath says the integration between the companies will work:

Camio provides AI-powered video surveillance that enables anyone to view real-time footage of people entering a building which is visually confirmed onscreen by their credential. Camio identifies such a person as a positive entry, whereas someone who slipped in behind as a negative visual alert. Camio also provides search capabilities for video footage during a specific amount of time, and this video can be accessed remotely, anytime, and from any camera to quickly identify the potential intrusion. A secure link of the footage can then be shared with appropriate audiences.

Density accurately and anonymously counts people in rooms and buildings and provides a scalable platform for measuring how people use space including real-time occupancy and foot traffic. In conjunction with Openpath, Density can detect tailgating when someone enters a room and sound an instant alert, enabling security teams to identify the unauthorized person before they become a security threat.

Openpath has also partnered with Automatic Systems, a leader in turnstile and parking systems, to offer a mobile access experience while mitigating any attempted tailgater with a physical barrier. Openpath now provides access for all entry types — parking garages, turnstiles, elevators and doors — all via mobile devices.

Openpath also integrates with leading video management system Milestone. With Openpath’s VMS integrations, users have the unique ability to leverage the combined benefits of its mobile access system with video surveillance from Milestone and Camio to provide increased security and user experience in real-time, and from one centralized interface, according to the company.

Openpath’s VMS integration provides:

  • The ability to triage safety and security issues in real-time.
  • Video monitoring of entries and exits across all locations, including the ability to view remotely from a mobile device.
  • The ability to unlock and lock entries from a single dashboard.

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