Question re: Safely installing external PoE camera on outside of home

Hi All, 

I would like to install a poe cam (Ring Stick up Cam) on the outside of my home and want to make sure I do this correctly. I plan on using a Cat 6 utp patch cable from the camera through PVC conduit inside to my basement and immediately connect to a Ubiquity Ethernet surge protector. I will bound the surge protector to a nearby outlet. From the surge protector I will run utp back to my poe switch. 

I thought about using a Cat 6 shielded cable from the cam to the surge protector but they are stiff and the Ring cam uses a plastic rj45 jack so I don’t think (could be wrong) it would make any difference. Ring does not offer any guidance other than using cat 5 or above for connection. Any thoughts are appreciated. thanks


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