Rescue Your Fire Customer from the Grip of the Phone Company and Pocket more RMR

Maybe you’ve seen this movie.

Plotline: Your customer is still paying the phone company thousands for those two dedicated, increasingly less reliable POTS lines to communicate from the FACP to the Central Station. And they’re looking to you for a better, lower overall cost solution that meets today’s codes. Or, maybe it’s a new system you’re designing and you want to provide a better, more contemporary option, and create new RMR for your company.

Enter the brave hero – you, carrying a shiny black box with a red universal cellular communicator inside.

You show the customer how they can go with the latest LTE cellular technology instead of landlines, and go with AHJ-approved sole path communications with more frequent and consistent supervision. The account says good bye to the phone company and you say hello to RMR. The building is safer, your account reduces cost, and you make more money every month.

Firefighters answer the call. We make sure they get it.

It’s becoming more apparent that as landlines degrade, POTS carriers are opting to avoid costly repairs, leaving many without landline service, and if not totally without, then increasingly less reliable. So, ditch landlines and go with a sole path cellular solution. The TG-7FS LTE Fire Alarm Communicator is the leader in universal cellular fire alarm communicators, working with virtually every FACP out there. Compliant with NFPA 72 2019 and earlier editions for sole path communication, it quickly transmits the alarm signal over cellular from the panel to the monitoring station and meets UL 864 requirements for sole path, primary or backup communication. You can replace aging, expensive landlines with a reliable LTE cellular solution, saving your account thousands.

Bravery is not the absence of fear, but action in the face of fear.

First responders are true heroes who willingly run toward danger, not away from it. They need every second to get ahead of a fire. But what happens when, just after a communicator with a daily POTS self-test checks in, the power goes out or a landline goes down? When is the central station going to know if there’s trouble? Maybe 24 hours. This scenario is real world – it happens.

The TG-7FS LTE communicator offers 5 or 60 minute supervision plans, so the central station gets notified much faster than daily self-tests allow.

Decision makers have been trusting our communicators for decades to complete fire systems.

Why? Because cellular communication is a better option. Replacing aging POTS line technology with a more current and reliable LTE cellular solution can better protect property and save money.

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