Rosenberger OSI Identification Patch Cord streamlines data center cable reconfiguration

Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI) has unveiled the Identification Patch Cord (IDP). The IDP uses a light-based approach to identify and locate the two ends of the patch cord.

Technicians can plug the IDP external light source into one end of the patch cord, then identify the other end of the link by its glowing light. (A photo on the Rosenberger OSI site shows the light as green.) The approach requires only a single technician and does not require active electrical or optical components. Thus, technicians can easily retrofit existing patch cord connections with the IDP, Rosenberger OSI says.

“In data center operations, there is often a need to reconfigure fiber-optic data cabling. This is generally done by manually patching patch cords into distribution boxes. However, it is not uncommon for active data transmissions to be interrupted by pulling the wrong patch cord, even if this has been checked in advance according to the cabling documentation,” explains Harald Jungbäck, product manager for data center cabling systems at Rosenberger OSI. “Our development not only increases the availability of IT applications, but also ensures optimal operational reliability of data centers.”
Rosenberger OSI Identification Patch Cord With the Identification Patch Cord, technicians can place an external light source, as shown here, over one end of the patch cord. The other end lights up to enable identification. (Source: Rosenberger OSI)

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