Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Woman Smashes Windows Over Beef Patties

In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

Look, we all get hangry (hungry + angry) sometimes. I get that. But that is no excuse to get violent and destructive.

A woman in the Bronx walked into a Jamaican bakery and asked for beef patties. Unfortunately for her, they were sold out. After being told there would be a 15 minute wait for new ones, she left the store.

But alas, that wouldn’t be the last of her. She would return five minutes later with a multi-colored aluminum baseball bat. Surveillance video shows her then proceed to smash out all of the bakery’s windows.

Perhaps the worst part though, is the owner believes the suspect is seven or eight months pregnant. Hopefully, her child will grow up to have a little more patience.

Also this week…

If you are a Millennial like me, you probably have a special fondness for the Jack Black classic, School of Rock. If you are unfamiliar with the film, it centers around Jack Black filling in as a substitute teacher and basically forming a band with the students he should be teaching.

The child actors were actual musical prodigies, but it looks like one has fallen on hard times. The guitarist of the band, known as Zack in the movie, was recently arrested for stealing guitars from a music store and selling them at a pawn shop. Surveillance video has been released of him in the music store.

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