U.S. States With the Highest and Lowest Rates of Burglary Arrests

In an ideal world, there would be no burglaries. And if a burglary were to occur, the burglars would be swiftly caught and your belongings returned.

The unfortunate reality is that burglaries occur once every 13 seconds, according to Alarms.org. Even worse, the majority of the perpetrators are never caught.

If you’ve ever wondered how likely it is that a burglar in your state will be caught, website A Secure Life has released a study that that highlights U.S. states with the highest and lowest rates of burglary arrests.

In order to determine its rankings, A Secure Life gathered the total number of burglaries and total number of burglary-related arrests in 2017 per state from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program. The states were then ranked from highest to lowest percentage of burglary arrests.

States With the Highest Burglary Arrest Rates

  1. Delaware – 24%
  2. Connecticut – 22%
  3. California – 22%
  4. Pennsylvania – 19%
  5. Florida – 19%
  6. Maryland – 18%
  7. Maine – 18%
  8. Rhode Island – 17%
  9. South Dakota – 16%
  10. New Jersey – 16%

States With the Lowest Burglary Arrest Rates

  1. Nebraska – 1%
  2. Illinois – 2%
  3. New Mexico – 3%
  4. Kansas – 4%
  5. Mississippi – 5%
  6. Indiana – 7%
  7. Ohio – 7%
  8. Georgia – 7%
  9. Utah – 7%
  10. Montana – 8%

Key Findings

Delaware topped the list with the highest rate of burglary arrests: 950 arrests out of 3,970 total burglaries, coming out at 24%.1

Nebraska ranked lowest with only 53 burglary arrests, which totals 1% of the 6,472 burglaries that happened that year.

In 2017, burglaries cost Americans roughly $3.4 billion in property loss, an average of $2,416 per burglary. Of those reported burglary cases, only 13% were cleared.

Of the top 10 states with the highest rate of burglary arrests, seven of them — Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island and New Jersey—are on the East Coast. These states are also considered to be some of the safest states in the county.

Preventing and Solving Burglaries

What can help reduce these crimes and aid in solving burglaries? Proper security solutions, of course! Video surveillance, alarm systems and updated access control can go a long way in preventing and catching crime.

View the full study here.

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