WATCH: Proxyclick launches ID Match facial recognition solution

Enterprise visitor management specialist Proxyclick has launched a cloud solution that verifies a visitor’s true identity at the front desk.

Harnessing facial recognition technology, ID Match scans visitors’ faces against photos on government-issued IDs like passports and driving licences. The software quickly gauge’s the match’s accuracy and discreetly reports results to front desk and security personnel.

The solution is pitched at enterprise companies seeking more rigorous access control processes. Proxyclick can also reinforce security measures with external watch lists.

“Digitising ID verification speeds up check-in and removes ‘human error’ from the equation.” Geoffroy De Cooman, co-founder and MD, Proxyclick

“Digitising the process of ID verification not only speeds up the check-in process and alleviates overloaded reception staff, but also removes potential ‘human error’ from the equation,” said Geoffroy De Cooman, co-founder and managing director at Proxyclick.

“Automating the process also frees up security personnel to focus solely on the ‘bad guys’, providing the 99% of ‘welcome’ visitors with a hassle-free check-in.”

Proxyclick’s app-based visitor management system integrates with six of the biggest players in the access control market. Available for a free 15-day trial it purports to strengthen security as well as improving the visitor experience at the front desk.

Proxyclick recently gained LenelS2 Factory Certification under LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program to validate the functionality of its interface to the OnGuard system.


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