What Do Americans Fear Most About Smart Home Tech? Survey Says …

A recent survey conducted by Salt Lake City-based security system reviewer ASecureLife.com asked hundreds of Americans how much they trust smart home gear — voice assistants, cameras and other connected gadgets — and what kind of concerns these devices raise as far as privacy and personal security.

The results illustrate, generally, ways in which home technology is becoming increasingly woven into our daily lives and lifestyles — and at times, privacy and personal security be damned.

For example, 3 in 4 survey takers said they believe smart homes “can be easily hacked,” and yet 33% continue to use the technology. Almost 2 in 3 participants believe their smart devices are recording everything they say, while most are worried about being monitored by criminals, followed by government, then businesses.

Some of us are definitely more trusting of smart home tech than others. Consider, 1 in 5 respondents answered affirmatively when asked if they would trust Alexa to babysit their kids when they leave the house.

As ASecureLife.com notes in the survey results, “Given all the distrust around modern technology, how’s that for a notable contradiction?”

In all, 300 consumers were surveyed across the United States in April. The site concluded whether or not consumers trust modern smart home and home security technology, it seems the world is relying on that technology more and more.

“While we might not know exactly how safe our technology is from hacking, manipulation, or data collection, it’s important for consumers to stay informed on the big smart home businesses like Amazon, Google, Apple and Nest,” the site comments.

Check out graphics and explanations of the survey results provided by the site in this slideshow.

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