What is the relationship between the ICT and LowCurrent / ELV fields?

Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) is a term commonly used to refer to electronic devices that process, exchange, spread, and store information. These devices use computer-based technologies and normally communicate over a network (local or the Internet). Since its appearance in the 1980s, the term has undergone continuous evolution especially with the spread of the Internet.

ICT is frequently mixed up with Low Current and Extra Low Voltage (ELV) systems. Though these terms merge at some point to mean the same thing, subtle differences exist between them. Low current and ELV systems focus on 4 main areas: connectivity, security, safety, and automation. While ICT systems are mainly concerned with processing information (e.g. data, voice, video) and connecting devices. 

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Connectivity and communication is the middle ground where these terms coincide. Data Networks, Unified Communications, and Audiovisual systems are common systems between ICT and Low current / ELV. This is best represented in the above “Venn” diagram.

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